Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas cup cakes

''This entry is for Purva's Christmas Feast Event''

Hi all, once again with cup cakes. All of a sudden we decided to have a Xmas party tomorrow in our company since everybody will be off by next week. I started baking them today morning and finished frosting. Thats all i wanted to, cause no time to do other decorations, since i have to do other arrangements for the party. But then it looked plain and quickly made fondant leaves and topped it. Not really satisfied with the work, but happy that i finished all 50 cup cakes in 4 hours. Hope You all would like it too. Thank you.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

chocolate cupcake with choco glaze

Hi Every body , Thanks a lot for your sweet comments. I just made this chocolate mini cakes for our evening tea. My daughter had invited her friends to have a weekend party too. Kids really enjoyed the cake. Hope you all would like it too. Thanks

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

Red velvet cake before frosting

diwali cake

This cake i made for diwali party in our complex. I promised to make a cake but i was very busy with my other works and was going to mediation class every evening 5.30p.m -10.p.m. Diwali evening was my second day meditation class and i should finish the cake get ready for the class. My plan was to make a flower pot cake, but at last it turned out as witch hat as my daughter said and also named it as a haloween cake. I was really tensed and tried to stick dots on it at the last moment. As you can see the mess on the cake very clearly.

space ship cake

This cake i made for 9 years old boy. wafers helped me atlast to give a finished look. But lots of imperfections. I'll try my best next time to improve myself.

diary cake

This is a diary cake. Madeira cake with swiss meringue cream. Fondant pen.

The theme was raw veggies and fruits . This is eggless chocolate cake. sugar veggies and fruits toppers.

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. This one i made for a sweet couple on their 16th wedding anniversary.

card cake

In Gaborone there is a club called '56' club. One of the club member is my friend, he requested a cake for a farewell party to gentleman who is leaving the country for good. I really had fun doing those fondant cards and edible painting on it.

sofa cake

Hi every body, |This is a chocolate cake with ganache filling (sofa,sidetables and center tables) and sugar models, Except candle, everything is edible. It took me a day to complete this design. This cake is for a father from his beloved daughter as a surprise. She is one of my neighbour who was very anxious to check the cake every now and then, but i dare not allowed her while i am working on the cake, well not only her anybody else too, because they might get scared by seeing my work place filled with sugar, fondant pieces, scissors(tools) etc etc with their cake in the middle. At last when she saw the cake after completion she was really happy and overjoyed.
I really enjoyed while doing the sofa. I am yet to buy proper tools for decorating. I really could not find any such shops in my place. Just waiting to visit South Africa for real shopping. see you all soon with other post.

Monday, December 1, 2008

sugar flowers

I tried these sugar flowers for the first time. I gave it as a gift along with the white doll cake to one of my best friends daughter on her birthday. She was very surprised and happy to see the cake and the sugar flowers which boosted me up to continue my creativity towards sugar craft.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

fairy doll cakes

These two cakes i made on the same day, The white fairy cake was for my one of the best friends daughter. I just took the cake as a surprise for her, she was very happy to see the cake. While i was doing this cake a couple came to request a cake for their daughter, they wanted the same cake with different color combination, so did the other one with better results than the previous one. Hope u all will like it.

dog house cake

This cake is for a 2 years old boy who is very much fond of animals especially dogs. I tried a kind of dog house and two gumpaste(edible) dogs and a boy. I really enjoyed and had fun doing this cake though it took around 7-8 hours to make the design. This is one of the cake i like very much.

loveable shirt cake

This cake i made for one of my best friend as she requested a shirt cake to give as surprise gift to her husband. So this is my second cake and it was very challenging to do. I added up with rose and hand on the cake, rose and hand is made out of fondant. Hope you all will like it. Thank you.

flower cake

Hi every body, This was my first cake i did for my daughters b'day covered with fondant. I was going through so many books and at last inspired by lindy smiths cakes and tried one of them, but obviously my cake nowhere nearby lyndy smiths. I was not even bothered to take a good picture of the cake. That time i never knew i'll be continuing my journey towards sugar craft. I'll be posting the other cakes in near future.