Tuesday, December 2, 2008

sofa cake

Hi every body, |This is a chocolate cake with ganache filling (sofa,sidetables and center tables) and sugar models, Except candle, everything is edible. It took me a day to complete this design. This cake is for a father from his beloved daughter as a surprise. She is one of my neighbour who was very anxious to check the cake every now and then, but i dare not allowed her while i am working on the cake, well not only her anybody else too, because they might get scared by seeing my work place filled with sugar, fondant pieces, scissors(tools) etc etc with their cake in the middle. At last when she saw the cake after completion she was really happy and overjoyed.
I really enjoyed while doing the sofa. I am yet to buy proper tools for decorating. I really could not find any such shops in my place. Just waiting to visit South Africa for real shopping. see you all soon with other post.


Ivy said...

Hi Prema. Thanks for visiting me but I don't know how you got there in my Greek blog. If you like you can read my recipes in English: http://kopiaste.org

You do a great job with your sugarcraft.

Premyscakes said...

Hi Ivy, thank you very much for your comment and .org, i was going thru all your blog site, and i really dont know how did i get there. I have just released my blog and still trying to explore it. Even before i had visited your blog. thanks, catch u later

Shama Nagarajan said...

wow...lovely cakes.....nice collection...very innovative

Sanghi said...

Hey.. u have great talent.. Hard worker..!